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Bedroom Wall Decor

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The area above your bed is one of the best places to hang bedroom wall decor. This oil daisy painting is stunning for the space above your bed.

If you are like me and in love with all things astronomy, you will think this golden moon phase garland is absolutely adorable.

Cool wall decor can range from an abstract painting, a painting with an unusual take on realism, a macrame animal, a tapestry, or something else entirely.

Wall stickers can instantly turn your blank wall into a decorative mural that makes your bedroom look professionally painted.

If you have a dark paint color in your bedroom, you may want to consider getting white wall decor to contrast the dark color.

When it comes to a master bedroom, you want to incorporate wall art decor that meets the scale of your larger room while still accentuating your style.

Farmhouse decor gives your bedroom a simple, traditional look that will never go out of style. This wooden mirror is a great piece to achieve a farmhouse look in your bedroom.

For your guest bedroom, you want bedroom wall decor that will appeal to a wide range of people.  I like to put fun, modern paintings of dogs in my guest bedroom

The trademark of rustic decor is wooden features. That’s why this wooden hanging clock is the perfect wall decor for a rustic bedroom.

Sometimes you will have a large empty wall in your bedroom that you want to add some decor into. This colorful map is one of my favorite panel sets for large walls!

If you love nature, incorporating flowers, plants, and animals into your bedroom wall decor  will also create a relaxing space to unwind.

Boho style provides the perfect eccentric and whimsical look to your bedroom! This macrame owl wall hanging is one of the cutest boho wall decorations on the market!

Modern style is one of my personal favorites! It looks so sleek and fresh, and there is no other style that is more on trend then modern.