17 Breathtaking

Bedroom Paint Colors

You Need to Know About

Charming Modern Interiors

1. Relaxing Bedroom Paint Colors

Your bedroom should be relaxing. To create a relaxing space, you should start with a calming paint color. Nothing says relaxing like a muted light blue color.

2. Bedroom Paint Colors Blue

Blue tends to be a crowd pleaser which makes it a great color for your bedroom. The vibrant blue paint looks stunning paired with white furniture and varying tones of blue.

3. Bedroom Paint Colors with Dark Furniture

If you have dark furniture, you need a paint color that will contrast your furniture. Gold-toned paint color can look great with dark furniture.

4. Farmhouse Bedroom Paint Colors

If you love a rustic, farmhouse style, your room will typically include a lot of wooden furniture. White paint can really help your wooden features stand out.

5. Modern Paint Colors

No color is more on trend for modern styles than grey and with good reason. This stormy grey paint color demonstrates why grey is such a great color for modern decor.

6. Warm Bedroom Paint Colors

This warm-toned light brown color is a great option for your bedroom. It brings just the right amount of warmth while still being neutral.

7. Grey Bedroom Paint Colors

As shown in this inspiration photo, this cool-toned grey color looks great with both the neutral and colorful decor in this room.

8. Green Bedroom

Green can sometimes be overlooked when people are considering bedroom paint colors. However, green can be a stunning color for your bedroom.

9. Bedroom Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral colors are classic bedroom paint colors, and with good reason! Neutral colors never clash with any other decorations and provide a nice backdrop to your bedroom.

10. Brown Bedroom

This dark brown paint shows how nice dark paint colors can look when they are done right. The dark brown paint is the perfect chocolate brown that adds warmth to the room.

11. Master Bedroom Colors

There is so much to love about this soft green color. It’s creamy and light enough to be soothing and neutral, but it has enough color to add visual interest to any room.

12. Bedroom Soothing Paint Colors

This warm rose color proves that warm colors can also be soothing. Instead of going for a bright, vibrant warm color, opt to go with a softer tone.

13. Light Blue

There is something so dreamy about light blue as a bedroom paint color. It’s SO pretty and gives the illusion that you are floating through the sky on a gorgeous day.

14. Bedroom Light Grey Paint Colors

Light grey is on trend and is the perfect color to go for if you want a soothing yet stylish bedroom. It works so well with all bedroom styles.

15. Best for Sleep

Isn’t this creamy lavender purple color gorgeous? It is the perfect soothing color for your bedroom. The purple provides the right amount of dimension to your bedroom.

16. Classic Bedroom Paint Colors

You can’t go wrong with a timeless, classic look! Traditional colors make sure that your bedroom won’t go out of style when trends change.

17. Bedroom Color Combination

Whoever said you needed to pick just one color to paint your bedroom? If you can’t decide on one color, choose a combination of colors to form a cute pattern.