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One of my favorite bathroom rugs from Amazon is this white microfiber, non-slip rug. The microfiber material makes this rug SUPER soft and absorbent.

The easiest way to get multiple rugs for your bathroom is to get a set. This light blue two-piece bathroom rug set is one of my favorites.

Machine washable is a non-negotiable for me. I really like this grey and white two-piece bathroom rug set. The grey and white color combination is so modern and versatile.

If you have kids, you will want a bathroom rug that is not only safe and soft, but also looks adorable in their bathroom.  I love this cute frog-themed shaggy bathroom rug.

Long bath rugs can be much more challenging to find than standard sized bathroom rugs. One of the best ones is this grey shaggy chenille bathroom rug.

This stormy grey plush chenille bathroom rug is 28 inches wide and 47 inches long, making it substantially larger than your standard bathroom rug.

This grey, round non-slip bathroom mat is perfect example for your bathroom. This round rug is great: it’s absorbent, super soft, easy to clean, and non-slip.

Every bathroom rug on this list  will make your feet happy.  If you are looking for another great option, this ultra-thick, plush beige bathroom rug will do the job.

Memory foam is known for its comfort. This grey memory foam bathroom rug is crafted with microfiber to be both comfortable and water absorbent.

This post already has lots of great options, but if you are still wanting another, this is one of my favorite grey bathroom rugs.

This black chenille non-slip rug is great if you are looking for a matte black rug. It is a true solid matte black color.

This hunter green bathroom rug set is so pretty! It is the perfect rug to complement bathroom plants.

This royal blue chenille non-slip bathroom rug is one of the best slip-resistant rugs. It has a silicone backing to minimize the possibility of slipping.